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2023 Vision Mapping & Activation
- Private VIP Experience

By Appointment

You just spent 8 potent hours at the Discover Your Deepest Yes Retreat gaining greater attunement to your inner wisdom, enhanced clarity about your unique gifts and passions, and increased alignment with what is most important to you at this time in your life.


You also received an expanded sense of your purpose, created a clear and vibrant vision for 2023 that has the power to pull you forward and gained clarity about what you will need to grow through to be congruent with that vision.


Now, what do you do with all of that?

Let's accelerate the vibrant vision you created for 2023 and release your biggest block to attaining it!


Together with Lisa, you will map your vision and uncover potential pitfalls, activate your vision so it fills you with excitement, passion and accelerates your momentum, and release the biggest block to your vision - all with a greater sense of spaciousness and direct one-on-one feedback from your coach.

VIP session is 2.5 hours, in a private meeting with Lisa.

($1000 Value)

Special Retreat Rate $749

Image by Vlad Bagacian
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