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What Is Your Deepest Yes?

When your heart, body, mind and soul are aligned, you experience a profound sense of rightness all the way down. This is your truth. The truth about who you are, what you want and why you’re here. This truth is the very thing that has been guiding your quest for authenticity, purpose and meaning.


When you touch this truth, you experience it like a tuning fork sounding from the core of your being that reverberates out to dynamically interact with life. I call this truth your Deepest Yes.

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How Do You Discover Your Deepest Yes?

Deep within, at your very core, there is a voice. This voice is the guiding wisdom that we all have access to. When you clarify and attune to that place inside, you gain access to that voice - learning first how to listen and then speak and act from it.

Your Deepest Yes comes online when you’re finally ready to integrate all aspects of who you are, rather than trying to find your “truest” self. It clarifies when you are ready to make peace with the past and embrace life as your greatest teacher. When you say yes to your Deepest Yes, you maximize the power of clarity, conviction and personal accountability.

How Do You Live Your

Deepest Yes?

Living your Deepest Yes is living in alignment with that deep truth in everything you say and do. You live it by releasing everything that obscures that truth. You live it by enacting your values and purpose on a daily basis. You live it by finally, irrevocably, saying YES to you.


When you do this, you naturally create a life - across all domains - that is deeply fulfilling, meaningful, purposeful and authentic.

Image by Fabian Centeno

Image by Fabian Centeno

Mother and Baby on Floor

Mother and Baby on Floor

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Image by christian buehner



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Woman at Work

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Healthy Woman

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Standing on a Terrace

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Image by Darius Bashar

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Happy Family

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Smiling Woman

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Image by Omid Armin

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Woman Working in Garden

Are You Ready For Your

Deepest Yes?

  • Do you find yourself looking around your life asking “Is this it?”

  • Do you have a sneaky suspicion that you aren’t living your full potential?

  • Does it feel like you’ve reached a plateau in your own growth?

  • Do you long to express a deeper truth and authenticity that seems trapped inside?

  • Does it feel like a larger sense of purpose is calling you but you don’t know how to enact it?

If you are ready to consciously and actively commit to a deeply meaningful life and to harness the power of your will on behalf of expression of your soul (even if you aren’t completely sure what that is yet), you are ready to Live your Deepest Yes.


Your Coach,
Lisa Frost


"My whole mission is to help people live their happiest, most authentic lives."

- Lisa Frost

Lisa Frost is an Integral Master Coach™ and facilitator. She helps individuals create transformative change, both in professional and personal contexts, and make peace with the aspects of self that hold us back from realizing profound fulfillment, purpose, and joy. 


Lisa holds a Master’s Degree in Integral Psychology with an emphasis in human development and consciousness. She also has over 30 years of experience in business and leadership,13 years of guiding others through complex crises and change, 20 years of sobriety and is deeply committed to her own path of evolution. 

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Image by Denys Nevozhai

Take a Deep Dive Into Aligning With Your Authentic Truth

Join Lisa for an intimate experience of integration, transformation and inspired action.

  • Get crystal clear on what would give you the greatest sense of fulfillment and joy

  • Make peace with the past so that you can harness the energy inside you to go after what you truly want

  • Radically accept who and where you are as a developing human being so that all parts of you are in alignment with your deepest truth

  • Enact a stronger core self so that life’s curve balls no longer knock you off center

  • Discover a deeper sense of meaning and more expansive purpose so that each day you wake up excited to take inspired action toward your true goal

  • Shift to a new way of being so that more and more your life looks on the outside the way you imagine it on the inside.

What Participants Are Saying
On a Video Call

Live Your Deepest Yes
Program Overview

For a total of 34 hours, you’ll meet with Lisa in a private container of live group coaching, personal inquiry and group discussion, as well as weekly lessons and guidance…all designed to build muscles across 5 key Deepest Yes capacities within a supportive community that is just as committed to personal growth as you.

Live Your Deepest Yes is a transformational system grounded in the rigorous methodology of Integral Coaching in combination with deep shadow work. It offers effective results by combining principles from integral psychology, neuroscience, subject-object theory and human development and draws from techniques in mind-body awareness, mindfulness, psychosynthesis, internal family systems, Byron Katie’s “The Work,” NLP and the spiritual practice of surrender, among others.

Please note that this program does not constitute psychotherapy or medical advice and is not appropriate for those actively struggling with addiction or mental health issues.​

With Live Your Deepest Yes, you’ll unlock within yourself:

  • The voice of your truth that resides in the center of your being and always reveals your deepest wisdom

  • The ability to see your blindspots and shadow aspects that have long held you back from having the life you desire

  • A healthy relationship with yourself so that you are congruent in heart, body, mind and soul toward what you truly want

  • The ability to take aligned action and tap into positive states to powerfully propel you toward your purpose

  • An embodied new way of being in your life that supports you as you create an inspiring future.


By addressing underlying commitments and other forms of deep resistance to change, Live Your Deepest Yes creates space for clarity and intentional choice. A new sense of power, purpose and authentic expression become accessible and momentum toward your desired future is the natural outcome.


Live Your Deepest Yes is Right For You If

  • You long for a deeper sense of meaning, fulfillment and purpose

  • You are tired of running up against resistance, fear or self-sabotage every time you go for your dreams

  • You can’t sustainably access the greater joy, freedom and peace you truly crave

  • You can feel the steady march of time and don’t want end up saying “I wish I had done it differently”

  • You are ready to commit to you.

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What You'll Learn

You have a current way of operating in your life. We all do. And this “way” of yours, is largely unseen by you. Yet it drives the way you see yourself and your relationship to others and the world around you. It essentially drives everything you believe, say and do.

It's like a pair of glasses that you wear each day and don't know you are wearing. This lens, or way of being, is usually unseen because it feels like it is you - until you remove the glasses.

Human development occurs when we are able to make what is subject, object. This means that your current way must move from something that operates behind the curtain to something that you can see and work with. Once you are able to see your current way, you can build skills and capacities toward a new way of being in your life.

Live Your Deepest Yes is designed to help you make this shift in the course of 4 short months.

Module 1: Discover Your Deepest Yes 1/2 Day Workshop

Discovering your Deepest Yes can only happen by taking a journey within.

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The Live Your Deepest Yes Program kicks off with a half-day workshop where you will:

  • Find Your Yes: Learn to attune to the voice that resides in the center of your being, the one that always reveals your deepest wisdom.

  • Envision Your Future: Get clear about the life you want to live, the one that would feel most vibrant and alive for who you are now.

  • Declare Your True Goal: Focus on one goal for the program that would give you the greatest sense of happiness, joy and freedom.

  • Activate Your Journey: Take inspired action toward your compelling vision and determine the non-negotiables on your journey.


Live Your Deepest Yes Weekly Program Modules

Module 2: Release Your Resistance

Learn how to work with the natural flex/flow of stretching your comfort zone so you can keep your momentum strong. 


In this module you will:

  • Claim Your Gifts: Find the gifts in your history so that you can free up the energy and enthusiasm you need for the journey ahead.

  • Own Your Worthiness: Let go of feelings of brokenness and low self-worth and give yourself the love you need.

  • Illuminate Your Shadow: Uncover competing commitments and disowned aspects that undermine momentum.

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Module 4: Own Your Power

Dial up the power of your confidence, conviction and commitment as you witness profound shifts in how you show up for you.

In this module you will:

  • Define Your Purpose: Tap into what your soul yearns for - the thing that is most fulfilling to you, and learn to use this as your north star.

  • Upgrade Your Vision: Get clear about what your future looks like when you are aligned with your values, purpose and authentic expression.


  • Heal Your Heart: Learn to drop the armor that protects your heart from the world so that you can experience the beauty and vibrancy of the present moment.

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Module 3: Heal The Past

We all have parts of us that seem frozen in time and keep us from moving forward, but once you bring them out into the open you can begin to work with them in a real way.

In this module you will:

  • Shift Your Beliefs: Adopt beliefs that support a deeper authentic expression than you’ve accessed before.

  • Dissolve Your Shame: Let go of the stories and memories that cause you shame and make peace with yourself.

  • Integrate Your Anger: Learn to use your anger as a powerful force to transform your reality and bring fuel to your dreams.

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Module 5: Integrate Your Transformation

On the path of every journey, who you become along the way is the most important part.

In this module you will:

  • Stoke Your Inner Fire: Create a healthy relationship with yourself so that you are aligned in heart, body, mind and soul toward your true goal and inspiring vision.

  • Dance With Life: Learn to partner with the unfolding of life by amplifying trust and intuition.

  • Celebrate Your Transformation: Appreciate & celebrate how far you’ve come as you’ve aligned with your Deepest Yes.

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Program Summary

  • 35 hours with an Integral Master Coach

  • Delivered over 4 months (17 weeks)

  • 1/2 Day Virtual Workshop

  • 12 LIVE and interactive 2 1/2 -hour group coaching sessions

  • Week-long breaks between modules for integration & spaciousness

  • A small group, supportive community of people that are just as committed to personal growth as you

  • Step-by-Step facilitated transformative processes, personal inquiry, group discussion

  • Live Q&A on every call

  • Weekly lessons and guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the 2022 Live Your Deepest Yes group coaching course begin?

Module 1 kicks off with a 1/2 day virtual workshop on January 29 from 10 AM PT - 2:30 PM PT. Weekly sessions are scheduled for Thursdays from 11 AM PT - 1:30 PM PT.

How much of a time commitment is the program?

Each live zoom session is 2.5 hours. The last 30 minutes of each session is optional and dedicated to Q&A. Expect to spend between 1-2 hours between sessions on powerful exercises you’ll do on your own.

Is there a zoom session every week?

No. Live Your Deepest Yes is designed to include periodic integration weeks so you can slow down and reset between modules. We've found this best supports creating sustainable change.

Why is there an optional Group Sharing/Q&A at the end of each session?

Past participants received so much benefit and support from the group interaction that I decided to extend that part of our sessions.

What do I need to do to prepare for this program?

The Discover Your Deepest Yes 1/2 day virtual workshop is the first module of this program and is required to set your foundation for success.

If I don’t complete an assignment, can I still come to the live zoom session for that week?

Yes. And, you will get more out of the live sessions if you complete the assignments. This program is about you committing to you and doing the between-session work is the first step you can take to make a greater commitment to yourself.


What if I can’t be present for all of the live sessions?

For the best experience, we highly recommend attending all sessions in person to benefit from doing the practices live with your cohort. However, each session will be recorded and the replay is generally available the following day.


Will recordings be made available publicly?

No. Recordings will be made available for the cohort exclusively. This ensures confidentiality and a safe container.


Will this program be available later in the year?

It's possible there will be another cohort later in 2022, please make sure you are on the waitlist so we can let you know when the next cohort is scheduled.

Still have questions? Reach out to Lisa at