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Release the past and consciously create a life you love. 
Join Creators Circle and realize next-level integration, inner harmony, expressed potential and aligned action.

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns of resistance and self-sabotage?

Do you feel stuck in old fears and past experiences you can't seem to shake off? Are you tired of missing out on potential joys, simply because of deep-seated inhibitions? Do you suffer from negative self-talk or "I can't" beliefs that limit how much happiness you are allowed to have?


These experiences all have one thing in common: repressed or suppressed emotional material that needs to be released for you to create the life that would give you the most authentic joy. Until all the parts of us are willing to let it go, we will continue to repeat the same patterns over and over. This is because the various parts of us, that are holding onto that material, are trying to protect us from being hurt...again. And those parts aren't willing to change on their own.


We are also often afraid to feel the pain of that old hurt coming up, in order to move out. So we keep it stored in our subconscious and in our bodies. And from there, unbeknownst to our conscious minds, it informs our beliefs about what is possible, the way we show up, the decisions we make, what we allow ourselves to experience, as well as our health and well-being.

You know this is true for you if you struggle with failed relationships, unfulfilling work, money issues, meaninglessness, overwhelming stress or apathy, exhaustion, loneliness, resentment, or a life that seems to be getting smaller over time. Even if it is showing up in only one domain of your life, it is still too much.

Here's the good news: You do not have to relive difficult experiences in order to release them. Releasing the pain and integrating the various parts of ourselves can be gentle, and often completely painless.

This is counter to what we learn in traditional therapy and so many other healing modalities. And, if we've been conditioned to believe that "if it doesn't hurt, it doesn't count" or "success is the result of hard work," easy and painless may even run contrary to how we approach our personal development. Yet I've personally experienced, and helped others experience, a more skillful approach that yields irreversible transformation.

But releasing the past is just the beginning of the story...

On the other side of releasing the pain, resistance, limiting beliefs and other barriers holding you back, is the ability to create a life you love. When you free up your life energy, you suddenly have more clarity about what would give you the most pleasure and joy. And from there, something even greater wakes up within you - your deepest YES.

Living your deepest YES is living in alignment with your values, purpose, authentic nature and the deep wisdom that resides within, in everything you say and do. You live it by releasing the conditioning that obscures that inner voice of truth. You live it by enacting your purpose on a daily basis and consciously participating in your unfoldment. You live it by finally, irrevocably, saying YES to an entirely new self-concept as a creator.

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Welcome to the Creators Circle

A private container of profound growth


Join Lisa for a transformative journey of integration, releasing resistance and taking inspired action toward your goals -- all within a private community of fellow explorers. Together, we will:

  • Cultivate lasting inner wisdom so you can get crystal clear on what would give you the greatest sense of fulfillment and joy

  • Make peace with the past so you can harness your life energy to go after what you truly want

  • Release longstanding patterns of reactivity and resistance so that the younger parts of you align with your deepest truth

  • Enact a stronger core self so that life’s curve balls no longer knock you off center

  • Discover a deeper sense of meaning and more expansive purpose so that each day you wake up inspired and excited

  • Take inspired action toward your vision for your life so that more and more your life looks on the outside the way you imagine it on the inside.

How It Works

We meet live, on zoom, eight (8) times every month - that's 8+ hours every month, you spend with an Integral Master coach, dedicated to helping you create a life you love. (Usually Mondays and Wednesdays).


Four (4) of those sessions are designed to give you the greatest opportunity to make forward movement on your goals and release whatever resistance to taking action is standing in your way. The remaining four (4) sessions are designed to help you dismantle old, disempowering beliefs and behaviors, and create new beliefs and behaviors that support a new way of seeing yourself and the world. With this dual focus, you will both release the past and gain momentum on what you want to create.


All sessions are recorded, and all recordings are kept in a member's library so you don't have to worry about missing anything.

Creators Circle Benefits

  • 8 hours live, with Lisa, every month!*

    • 4 Goal Activation sessions designed to move you toward your goals.

    • 4 Deep Clearing sessions designed to dismantle longstanding patterns and beliefs.

  • A member's library containing topic-specific deep clearings, goal activation session replays and other resources and masterclasses.

  • A private container of fellow travelers, to support your forward momentum with a private online portal.

  • Special discounts on programs and individual private sessions with Lisa.

  • Special bonuses include:

    • 2024 Vision Mapping & Activation 8+ hour Workshop

    • Optimize & Supercharge Your Superconscious Mind

    • Superconscious Transformation: Become Willing To Change

    • Access Your Superconscious Mind Masterclass


*See Calendar for session days/time

SPECIAL BONUS! 2024 Vision Mapping & Activation

Create a vibrant vision for 2024 and release the biggest block that is standing in the way of you taking action to make that vision a reality. 

  • Integrate the learning and gifts of 2023; 

  • Learn what is seeking to emerge as the highest expression of your life; uncover in depth the ways you are being called forward to grow and evolve; 

  • Uncover the structures, support and actions you will need to take to enact your expanded vision;

  • Release the resistance to moving powerfully forward;

  • Activate your vision with a powerful journey designed to amplify your excitement and momentum.

SPECIAL BONUS! Optimize & Supercharge Your Superconscious Mind

You've embarked on a journey of using your superconscious mind to heal aspects of your subconscious. Now give your superconscious new tools so that even more can be pulled into the active experience during deep clearing sessions and the ability to process that subconscious material faster.

SPECIAL BONUS! Superconscious Transformation: Become Willing To Change

You may feel ready to change, but are all of the parts of you in agreement with that? Likely not. And yet, in order to make the changes that will support you creating a life you love, you need all of your parts to be willing to make those changes. This powerful session is designed to help you do just that.

SPECIAL BONUS! Accessing Your Superconscious Mind Masterclass

Eager to learn more about your superconscious mind and how it rewrites memories, neutralizes pain and integrates parts? Join Lisa to dive into the history and science behind the superconscious.

The Creators Circle will help you take the driver's seat in your own life, instead of remaining a passenger.

The sessions are specially designed to support you to:

  • Get clear about what you want,

  • Release what is holding you back,

  • Shift the way you see yourself and what's possible for you,

  • Take real action toward creating a life you love.

Image by Daniel Hering

Align With Your Authentic Truth

When you align with your deepest YES, you gain:

  • Greater confidence and trust in yourself

  • Enhanced clarity, fulfillment and joy

  • Access to more energy and vitality to go after what you truly want

  • More resilience to deal with circumstances in your life beyond your control

  • A greater sense of your purpose and how it wants to express in your life now

  • A new way of seeing yourself and moving through the world that naturally creates the future you imagine

  • A life that feels like a perfect fit for your authentic self.


Meet Your Facilitator

Lisa Frost is an Integral Master Coach™ and facilitator. She helps individuals create transformative change, both in professional and personal contexts, and make peace with the aspects of self that hold us back from realizing profound fulfillment, purpose, and joy. 


Lisa holds a Master’s Degree in Integral Psychology with an emphasis in human development and consciousness. She also has over 30 years of experience in business and leadership,13 years of guiding others through complex crises and change and is deeply committed to her own path of evolution. She loves exploring new places, going on adventures and spending time with her poodles.

"My whole mission is to help people live their happiest, most authentic lives."

- Lisa Frost

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the monthly sessions offered?

Creators Circle meets on Zoom eight (8) times every month. Four (4) sessions are dedicated to goal activation and clearing resistance to taking action toward what you want to create for your life and four (4) sessions are dedicated to deep clearing of long-held patterns of disempowering beliefs and behavior. Most sessions will be offered Mondays at 12:00 PM PT and Wednesdays at 3:00 PM PT, with some exceptions. Check the calendar for dates.

What if I can’t be present for all of the live sessions?

Each session will be recorded and the replay is usually available within 2 days.


Are the sessions or recordings publicly available?

No. This is a closed container which means there will be no drop-ins. Recordings will be made available for current members exclusively.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

With the Monthly Membership, your credit card will be billed monthly until membership is canceled. There are no refunds, you may cancel at any time.

With the Annual Membership, your card will be billed monthly for 12 consecutive months and membership may not be canceled until the end of 12 consecutive months. We stand in support of you making a commitment to yourself, therefore, there are no refunds.

Join Creators Circle

  • Creators Circle Monthly (Cancel Anytime)

    Every month
    Monthly Membership

    Creators Circle Annual (Paid Monthly)

    Every month
    12 Months Commitment (SAVE 25% Off Regular Monthly Membership Rate!)
    Valid for 12 months

Creators Circle Benefits

  • 8+ Hours Live with Lisa EVERY MONTH!

  • Access to Member's Library of Replays & Additional Resources

  • Private Community, Discussion Group & Online Portal

  • Discounts on Individual Private Sessions & Programs

  • BONUS! 2024 Vision Mapping and Activation 8-hour Workshop

  • BONUS! Accessing Your Superconscious Mind Masterclass

  • BONUS! Optimize and Supercharge Your Subconscious

  • BONUS! Become Willing To Change

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